Still Here!

Middlecrest is still an ongoing project. It's been stagnant for a few years because life got in the way (it has a way of doing that). It's been a combination of busy employment, health-related issues, and technical hurdles to overcome. All have conspired to essentially halt most progress.

There is no definite timeline for updates mostly due to health and work schedule. Currently I'm working through re-coding some of the basic world generation routines. I'm aiming for end of April to have world generation and a small demo posted. So, stay tuned!

In other news, apparently I was the last one to hear that Dice Holdings Inc. acquired Sourceforge back in 2012 (consequently, around the time progress halted on Middlecrest heh) and has made some skeezy changes to the operation of the site. I have recently been converting over to GitHub (links to follow soon) but, with all my other projects going, that is taking a little bit of time.

Middlecrest: v0.1.87.1 Released!

This release features library updates, some content additions, and many bug fixes (mostly from the library updates). This will be the last release for a while, since the project will be switching gears temporarily for the next few months. We mostly just wanted to get an updated and more stable version out there for people before we switched modes. Version is available for download here.

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Middlecrest: v0.1.87 Released!

After a rash of updates and one milestone completed, version 0.1.87 is released. Had some issues with site connectivity and personal life happenings so didn't get the website updates out for a while. Nevertheless, 0.1.87 is chock-full with new features, including rudimentary guild and quest support, ranged weapon targetting, LoS, and many other additions and fixes. Version 0.1.87 is available for download here!

middlecrest, game development

Middlecrest: v0.0.83 Released!

Mostly internal rewrites of code, there are some additions that users will appreciate. Added a simple auto-mapping feature, Lua support, bug fixes, and some UI updates. Version 0.0.83 is available for download here!

middlecrest, game development

Middlecrest: v0.0.82 Released!

Chock-full with new features and bug fixes, v0.0.82 is available for download! Field of view code was added (available for testing currently), triggers for tiles that alert players about events, color support, as well as various UI updates for a prettier look and other refinements. Download it!

middlecrest, game development